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S.A.N.T.A Johannesburg

South African National Tuberculosis Association - 001-082 NPO







The South African National Tuberculosis was formed on

29 April 1947 in Durban comprising 13 Anti-TB Associations countrywide, they comprised of volunteers from all walks of life dedicated to the fight against TB. SANTA Johannesburg was one of the founding branches of the association in 1947 but was only registered as a welfare organisation in 1950.


 As from 1950, a need was identified by SANTA Johannesburg, to support TB patients who were on treatment, through counseling and material assistance. The same needs were identified for HIV/AIDS patients about 15 years ago.




The TB germ is a typical bully, it becomes active when people are weak from malnutrition, poverty and vulnerable due to overcrowded and unhygienic living conditions. The TB germ moves in relentlessly. Its motto is: “ Why bother with healthy , strong bodies when there are  many weak ones available?


The organisation has played a meaningful role in the fight against TB and will continue to look after the interests of TB patients and the public until such time as tuberculosis is effectively controlled in this country.


Sadly, TB remains the number one infectious disease in South Africa despite the fact that we are in the 21st century. With its terrible twin Aids, TB is changing the structure of our society by attacking the weak, the poor and the uninformed.

Don’t let TB get you down!